Une cabane sur la mer


Depuis la terrasse de sa vieille cabane de pêcheur sur le Gotland, Bengan a une magnifique vue sur la baie. Ici, il profite de la solitude pour se reposer avec ses filles et son chien Gangster, après les périodes de travail intensif comme cinéaste. C’est une simple cabane sans électricité, un lieu propice à la méditation.

A cabin on the sea
From the terrace of the old fisherman’s house on Gotland, Bengan has a magnificent view on the bay. Here, he enjoys the solitude to rest with his daughters and his dog Gangster, after periods of intensive work as a filmmaker. This is a simple hut with no electricity, a place perfect for meditation.

source : Lantliv

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12 thoughts on “Une cabane sur la mer

  1. Bonnie Jean says:

    Looks so comfy and quiet! I could see a relaxing time with the water and quiet and my crochet, I’d be all set! Thanks for shareing! Greetings and a « fuss » for your furry friend there too! 🙂

  2. Chickie says:

    I have that same picture of Christ which hangs above the bed in your photo. It hung in my grandmother’s dining room. Now it is mine. I bring it out during Lent and Easter, but it is so beautiful… I love the way you have it displayed.

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