Apporter de la gaité dans un intérieur neutre

On reproche souvent aux intérieurs scandinaves leur côté trop « lisse », blanc et à la limite froid. Mais leur style est souvent la base pour un peu de vie supplémentaire grace à des objets colorés qui prennent toute leur valeur dans ces espaces parfaits. Voici encore la preuve que quelques couleurs bien choisies peuvent donner du peps à un intérieur trop neutre.

Bring happyness in a neutral interior
A frequent criticism  about Scandinavian interiors i their too « smooth », white and nearly cold side. But their style is often the basis for a little extra life thanks to colored objects that take their value in these perfect areas. Here is another evidence that a few well-chosen colors can give som pep to a too neutral space.



source  : Fastighestbyran


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Hey Lilly!!! You know I am your outmost and biggest (silent) admirer and religious daily reader. Going back to that ‘silent’ part: I normally am too lazy to comment…and this home is gorgeous…but…oh my gosh! what is up with the furniture placement? Why on earth would they place their upholstered couches right by the kitchen and their lovely dining table on the other end? I rearranged their furniture in my head in so many different and more practical ways I lost count…the only thing I can think of is that they had no way of placing their TV anywhere else…still…what… Read more »


HA! I just realized: their main living area is so tight that no matter where they place their couch it will still be near the kitchen! I am an idiot 🙂 I just saw a photo that I missed before showing how small the area is…I should be jailed 🙂

Maison Mag

Ces décorations sont top ! En particulier la 2ème, j’aime beaucoup le lustre